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Grand Marshal

The Grand Marshal of the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade is the highest local honor given to a person of Irish ancestry and either a resident of the city of Holyoke or a member of the Parade Committee. He/she has distinguished themselves as a loyal person to the Parade Committee, their career, their family, and to their Irish ancestry.

2017 Grand Marshal: Sister of St. Joseph, Jane Morrissey

The St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke announced that its 66th Grand Marshal is Sister of St. Joseph, Jane F. Morrissey. The Grand Marshal is the highest local honor given to a person who has distinguished themselves as a loyal person to their career, their family, and to their Irish ancestry.

The former President of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Springfield, Sister Jane is an educator, social justice activist and humanitarian who has worked among the poor all over the world – from Colombia, Peru and Guatemala to Springfield and Holyoke.

In the early 1980’s, Sister Jane and her fellow sisters opened the Gray House in Springfield’s North End, turning an abandoned home into a neighborhood center that provides services to meet the civic, social and educational needs of their neighbors. Today, the Gray House continues to help struggling people and families in Springfield by operating several services including a Food Pantry, an Adult Education Program and a Kid’s Club.

Recognizing the critical need for advanced education for children living in poor neighborhoods, Sister Jane and Sister Maureen Broughan started the Homework House in Holyoke’s Flats neighborhood in 2006. Modeled after a successful after-school program in California, volunteers at the Homework House offer free and individualized tutoring and mentoring to at-risk elementary school children. Homework House started out small with just 20 children and 15 volunteer tutors working with children two days a week; it has now expanded to a second location in Holyoke’s Churchill section and now serves almost 100 children each day with the help of over 250 volunteers.

Patti Devine, 2016 Grand Marshal and Chair of the Grand Marshal’s Selection Committee said “with education being so important to our 2017 President, Mike Moriarty and our Grand Marshal, I must also celebrate my own education in Holyoke where I was taught by the Sisters of St. Joseph. I am proud to have our next Grand Marshal follow me in a year that brought me much happiness and pride, and pretty good weather! Congratulations to Sister Jane!”

Parade President, Michael Moriarty said “The mission of our Committee speaks to God, heritage and service. Sister Jane represents each of these facets, and in particular, the creation of Homework House is a legacy of service to the City of Holyoke that is immense. We are thrilled that Sister Jane has accepted this honor and we look forward to March 19, when she will lead the Parade down the streets of Holyoke.”

Coincidentally, the 2017 Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade falls on the same day as the Feast of St. Joseph. In honor of the dedicated women of the Sisters of St. Joseph who tirelessly and selflessly serve the people of Western Massachusetts, the Committee is proud to recognize Sister Jane F. Morrissey as its 2017 Grand Marshal.

1952 Thomas Rohan*
1953 Atty. John S. Begley*
1954 Daniel J. O’Connell*
1955 Rep. Emmett J. Cauley*
1956 Elmer J. Harrington, M.D.*
1957 William P. Sullivan*
1958 William R. Peck*
1959 Hon. William E. Nolan*
1960 John J. Driscoll, M.D.*
1961 Michael H. Moran*
1962 Hon. Maurice A. Donahue*
1963 Eugene O’Neill*
1964 Jeremiah J. Lawler*
1965 Joseph F. Lynch, D.M.D.*
1966 Atty. Joseph J. Kelley*
1967 Thomas W. Padden*
1968 William J. Dean*

1969 James F. Millane*
1970 Francis R. King*
1971 William G. Rogers*
1972 David M. Bartley
1973 Timothy J. Sullivan*
1974 Dr. George E. Frost*
1975 William W. Mahoney*
1976 Richard J. Murphy*
1977 Francis J. Baker*
1978 Edward F. Sheehy*
1979 Judge John F. Moriarty*
1980 James J. Shea*
1981 Edward F. Nugent*
1982 Rev. Maurice B. Martin*
1983 John T. Hickey*
1984 James “Barry” Farrell*
1985 James E. O’Leary*

1986 Most Rev. Leo E. O’Neil, D.D.*
1987 Anne H. McHugh*
1988 Bernard M. Lavelle, Jr.
1989 Thomas J. Donahue*
1990 James K. Kelly*
1991 Patrick B. Bresnahan, III
1992 Edward B. (Pop) Coughlin*
1993 Atty. Maurice J. Ferriter
1994 Robert J. Rohan*
1995 Charles W. “Bill” Dinn*
1996 Dr. Francis M. Baker*
1997 Dr. John E. McHugh*
1998 Daniel E. Tierney*
1999 Francis M. Kane
2000 Rev. Francis X. Sullivan*
2001 Most Rev. Joseph F. Maguire*

2002 James A. Curran
2003 Atty. Peter F. Brady
2004 Joseph V. Gosselin, Jr.
2005 Russell J. McNiff, Sr.
2006 Frederick L. Sullivan, Esq.
2007 Alan F. Cathro
2008 Judge Ann M. Gibbons*
2009 Christine Padden Zajac
2010 Joseph M. McGiverin
2011 Gerald D. Healy
2012 Barry J. Farrell
2013 Brian Q. Corridan
2014 Roger P. Donoghue
2015 Raymond H. Feyre
2016 Patricia C. Devine

* Denotes Deceased

John F. Kennedy National Award

The John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Award is presented annually to an American of Irish descent who has distinguished themselves in their chosen field.

2017 John F. Kennedy National Award Recipient: Ann Dowd

Ann Dowd’s acting career spans across film, television, and theatre. Ann’s film credits include Captain Fantastic, Collateral Beauty, The Informant, Marley & Me and Garden State. Her portrayal of Sandra in Compliance garnered her a National Board of Review award for Best Supporting Actress in a film as well as nominations for an Independent Spirit Award and a Critics’ Choice Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Her television roles include the upcoming series The Handmaids Tale and Good Behavior; she also appeared in True Detective, Olive Kitteridge, Freaks and Geeks and Nothing Sacred. Ann was nominated for a 2015 Critics Choice Award for her performance in the HBO Series The Leftovers. She has also been seen on Broadway in The Seagull, Taking Sides and as Ms Prossy in Candida for which she won the Clarence Derwent Award for best Broadway debut.

A native of Holyoke, Ann is the daughter of John and Dolores Dowd and is one of seven children (siblings, Kathleen, John, Elizabeth, Clare, Deborah and Gregory). Ann is a 1978 graduate of Holy Cross College where in May 2016, she received an honorary doctor of fine arts degree; she also has an MFA from Depaul Theater School. Ann and her husband, actor Larry Arancio, have three children, Liam, Emily and Trust and they reside in New York City.

1958 John F. Kennedy – United States Senator, President of the United States
1959 Most Rev. Jeremiah J. Minnehan, D.D. – Auxiliary Bishop of Boston
1960 Hon. John F. Collins – Mayor, City of Boston
1961 Most Rev. Christopher J. Weldon, D.D. – Bishop of the Springfield (MA) Diocese
1962 Robert B. Consedine – Journalist/Author
1963 William D. Gargan – Actor
1964 James B. Donovan – Attorney, International Negotiator
1965 James J. Shea, Sr. – President, Milton Bradley Company
1966 Hon. Edward M. Kennedy – United States Senator
1967 Tommy Loughran – Champion Light Heavyweight Boxer
1968 Lawrence O’Brien – U.S. Postmaster General Commissioner NBA
1969 Cardinal Richard Cushing – Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Boston
1970 Hon. John N. Dempsey – Governor of Connecticut
1971 Pat O’Brien – Actor
1972 Major General Timothy J. Dacey, Jr. – USAF, Chief of Staff, Strategic Air Command
1973 Hon. John W. McCormack – Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
1974 James Bishop – Author, Syndicated Columnist
1975 Hon. Thomas Paul Salmon – Governor of Vermont
1976 Edward Bennett Williams – Attorney

1977 Jimmy Breslin – Author, Investigative Journalist
1978 Hon. Thomas P. O’Neill, Jr. – Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives
1979 Dan Devine – Football Coach, Notre Dame University
1980 Arthur J. Rooney – Owner, Pittsburgh, Steelers Professional Football
1981 William A. Nolen, M.D., – Surgeon/Author
1982 Maureen O’Hara – Actress
1983 Most Rev. Joseph F. Maguire – Bishop of the Springfield (MA) Diocese
1984 Hon. Edward P. Boland – Member of Congress of the United States
1985 Frank McGuire – NCAA Basketball Coach
1986 William A. O’Neill – Governor of Connecticut
1987 Dennis Day – Singer, radio and television personality
1988 Thomas J. Flatley – Business Executive Philanthropist
1989 Neil Sheehan – Journalist, Reporter, Pulitzer Prize Author
1990 Most Rev. Leo E. O’Neill – Coadjutor Bishop of Manchester, NH
1991 Carmel Quinn – Singer/Entertainer
1992 Tom Clancy – Author
1993 Sister Mary Rose McGeady, D.C. – President, Covenant House, New York City
1994 Raymond L. Flynn – U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican
1995 Eoin McKiernan – Founder, Irish American Cultural Institute

1996 Robert L. Stack – Actor
1997 John J. Sweeney – President, AFL-CIO
1998 Gen. Richard I. Neal – Assistant Commandant, United States Marine Corp
1999 Steven McDonald and Patricia Ann Norris-McDonald – Detective, New York Police Department, Inspirational and motivational speaker
2000 Hon. Richard E. Neal – Member of Congress of the United States
2001 John V. Shea – Actor, riter, director
2002 Rev. Daniel P. Coughlin – Chaplain, U.S. House of Representatives
2003 William J. Flynn – Chairman of the Board, Mutual of New York Life Insurance Company
2004 Catherine G. “Cady” Coleman – NASA Astronaut
2005 Tom O’Brien – Football Coach, Boston College
2006 Thomas J. Ridge – Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security
2007 Dan Shaughnessy – Author/Sports Reporter, Boston Globe
2008 Francis X. Healy – Baseball player, Sports Broadcaster Executive
2009 Joseph Loughrey – Vice Chairman, Cummins, Inc.
2010 Hon. Daniel M. Rooney – U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland
2011 David McCullough – Author, Pulitzer Prize Winner
2012 Kevin O’Hara – Author
2013 Doris Kearns Goodwin – Author
2014 Dick and Rick Hoyt – Team Hoyt, Marathon, Triathlon and Ironman competitors
2015 John M. Maguire – President and Chief Executive Officer of Friendly’s Ice Cream, LLC
2016 “Irish” Micky Ward – Retired Junior Welterweight Professional Boxer

Citizenship Award

The Citizenship Award is presented to a person or organization that may be of non-Irish descent that has made substantial contributions to the Parade and/or the Parade Committee.

2017 Citizenship Award Winner: Irma Perez Gourde

Irma Ilia Perez Gourde is a self-made woman and an entrepreneur. She was raised on her family’s coffee plantation in Utuado, Puerto Rico, where she learned the survival skills that accompany rural life, including how to sew.

When her parents were at the hospital due to a complicated pregnancy, nine-year-old Irma realized that her brothers and sisters had nothing to wear to a school celebration the following day. She took the fabric her mother had purchased, and in one day made three jumpers and two pair of pants. She dressed the whole family so her parents could see the doctor and the children would look respectable at the school event.

Her family moved to Holyoke, Massachusetts, in 1957, and 12 years later (at age 31) Irma opened the Suffolk Tailor Shop in Holyoke.

In 1990, a fire at the Knights of Columbus above the shop forced her to move her business to Springfield, but not for long. Less than a year later, Irma and Gladys, her sister and partner, realized their loyal customers needed them, and they relocated to 358 High Street in Holyoke to return the loyalty they had enjoyed for so many years.

The Suffolk Tailor Shop has been working with the Irish Heritage Parade Committee since the late 1980s. It has been a privilege and an honor to serve this well-respected community.

In her spare time, Irma enjoys gardening, Bible study, traveling, and spending time with her family.

1966 Leo J. Simard*
1967 Michael X. Andrews*
1968 Samuel Resnic*
1969 Robert E. Barrett*
1970 Robert K. Steiger*
1971 Fernando “Pat” Paradis*
1972 William Dwight*
1973 Eugene P. Tamburi*
1974 Wayne Alderman*
1975 Edna Williams*
1976 Louis J. Ryback*
1977 Lawrence A. Graham*
1978 Frank H. Cataldo*

1979 R. Robert Grenier
1980 Robert H. Bourassa*
1981 Jack and Charlie Kramer*
1982 Donald N. Lafrennie*
1983 Frank A. Banks
1984 Benjamin H. Marcus
1985 Nicholas Cosmos*
1986 Leo W. Simard*
1987 John V. Czelusniak*
1988 William Dwight, Jr.*
1989 Warren A. Rhoades*
1990 Congressman Silvio O’Conte*
1991 William L. Putnam*
1992 Shriners of the Melha Temple

1993 Oscar* and Christopher Bail
1994 Michael A. Zwirko
1995 Holyoke Gas & Electric Department
1996 Congressman John Olver
1997 Joseph D. LoBello
1998 Peter Picknelly, Sr.*
1999 Holyoke Department of Public Works Employees
2000 Dr. Harold R. Ratchford*
2001 Sr. Joan A. Ryziewicz
2002 John E. Kane
2003 Michael Corduff, Lawrence Perreault and Peter Rosskothen

2004 David G. Healey
2005 Michael J. Burke
2006 Hank J. Porten
2007 Sheriff Michael J. Ashe, Jr.
2008 Holyoke Police, Auxiliary Police and Fire Departments
2009 Tommy Leonard
2010 Barbara C. Bernard
2011 Thomas P. Moriarty, Jr.*
2012 Massachusetts State Police, Troop B
2013 Douglas A. Bowen
2014 Bob Cameron
2015 Dan Kane
2016 Dinn Bros. Inc., the “Trophy People”

* Denotes Deceased

Ambassador Award

The Ambassador Award is presented to a person who has worked to promote the relationship between the people of the Republic of Ireland and the people of the United States.

2017 Ambassador Award Winner: Turlough McConnell

With over two decades of experience, Turlough’s body of work includes exhibitions such as 1916-2016: Proclaiming the American Story at the Consulate of Ireland in New York with Archbishop John J. Hughes and the building of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral; multi-media products and documentary films, including The Brian P. Burns Collection of Irish Paintings: Portrait of a People; and live events like the theatrical presentation of How the Nuns of New York Tamed the Gangs of New York at the Sheen Center in Manhattan. He also acts as Special Advisor for the Ireland’s Great Hunger Institute at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.

In his role as Contributing Director of Special Features for Irish America Magazine, Turlough produces special supplements, overseeing content, design and all aspects of production. Recent subjects have included the John J. Burns Library at Boston College and Titanic Belfast. For Quinnipiac University, he co-published the book, Celebrating 250 Years of the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

1992 Eoin McKiernan*
1993 William M. Bulger
1994 Claire O’Gara Grimes
1995 William J. Flynn
1996 George R. Ditomassi
1997 Niall O’Dowd
1998 Tommy Makem*
1999 Congressman Richard E. Neal
2000 Congressman Peter T. King
2001 Professor Thomas F. Moriarty
2002 John McDermott
2003 Frank McCourt*

2004 Brian P. Burns and Robert K. O’Neill, Ph.D.
2005 Vincent G. Dowling*
2006 David Kelly*
2007 Kathleen M. O’Toole
2008 Charlotte Moore & Ciarán O’Reilly
2009 Patricia Harty
2010 Dr. John Lahey
2011 Loretta Brennan Glucksman
2012 Adrian Flannelly & Aine Sheridan
2013 Christine Kinealy
2014 The Belfast-Beltway Boxing Project
2015 Jean Butler
2016 Mary C. Kelly, Ph.D.

* Denotes Deceased

Thomas F. Rohan Award

The Thomas F. Rohan Award recipient shall be a long-standing member of the Parade Committee who has made significant contributions to the overall success of the Parade and/or this Association. In 1957, the St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke established an award to honor its first Grand Marshal, Thomas F. Rohan.

2017 Thomas F. Rohan Award Winner: Joseph F. Griffin III

Joseph F. Griffin III, joined the St. Patrick’s Committee of Holyoke in 1977 and has been an active and loyal member of the organization. Over the past 40 years, Joe has served on many sub-committees, including the Citizenship Awards Dinner, the Televised Mass, the Road Race Committee, the Raffle Committee, and the John Morgan Nights. He was the Town Crier for the past 10 years and has chaired the Scholarship Committee for the past 35 years. He also ran the first 25 Road Races!

In 1989, Joe’s fundraising efforts on behalf of the parade were recognized when he was selected as the recipient of the George E. O‘Connell Award. Joe was again honored when he served as the President of the Parade in 1993.

Joe is a senior associate with Pioneer Financial Group, in Springfield, where he is in charge of his own financial service company. He markets life, disability and long term insurance and all types of investments such as 401k’s, IRA’s, and mutual funds.

Joe has been very active volunteering in Holyoke especially for the youth. He has served on the Board of Holyoke Youth Baseball for 40 years and as its President, served on the Board of Holyoke Youth Soccer League for 15 years and as its President, served on the Board of Directors at the Holyoke Boys Club for 15 years and as its President, where he was awarded the Thomas E. Griffin Memorial Award, for outstanding service in 2004. He is a lifetime member of the Elks Lodge #902 in Holyoke and he is a communicant of St Jerome’s Church where he is a Lector and Eucharistic Minister.

Joe is a life-long resident of Holyoke, growing up in the Elmwood section of the city. He attended Blessed Sacrament Grammar School and Holyoke High School. He went on to receive both his Bachelor’s Degree and his Master’s Degree from AIC in Business Administration. He is the son of the late Joseph F. and Catherine A. Griffin Jr. He has three brothers, David, who is also an active member of the committee and Robert and Richard.

Joe is married to Linda (Sowa) Griffin, who taught in the Holyoke Public Schools for 40 years before retiring. They reside in Holyoke and are the proud parents of three great children who they adore. Joseph IV is an investment banker living in New York City, Brian is in sales living in Holyoke, and Laura is a speech pathologist living in Boston and the fiancé of Russell Baird, of Boston. Joe loves spending time with his family, enjoys all sports, and is a member of Wyckoff Country Club where he plays in the Stu League.

Joe is very proud and honored to be marching in this year’s Parade, March 19th, with his loving family.

1957   Col. Andrew B. Mangum*
1958   Vincent G. Brown*
1959   Michael H. Moran*
1960   Daniel Reynolds*
1961   John F. Kennedy*
1962   James F. Millane*
1963   Thomas W. Padden*
1964   William F. O’Brien*
1965   Arthur F. Barrett*
1966   Timothy J. Sullivan*
1967   Francis X. Tierney*
1968   Edward B. Coughlin*
1969   Michael McIntyre*
1970   James P. Hobert*
1971   James A. Curran

1972   Francis M. Kane
1973   Leo F. Hickson*
1974   John T. Tierney*
1975   Dr. John E. McHugh*
1976   Matthew Doherty*
1977   Dr. William J. Dean, Jr.
1978   William H. Burns*
1979   James E. O’Leary*
1980   George W. Counter
1981   Michael F. Tierney
1982   Richard J. Walker*
1983   Edward J. Welch*
1984   John Mansfield
1985   David B. Donoghue
1986   Thomas P. McGarry*

1987   Donald J. Moynihan
1988   Raymond H. Feyre
1989   Joseph V. Gosselin, Jr.
1990   Alan F. Cathro
1991   Dr. Robert J. O’Brien
1992   Atty. Peter F. Brady*
1993   Lawrence M. Griffin
1994 Robert C. Dawson*
1995 Joseph Paul, Jr.
1996 Mary M. Lynch
1997 James J. Tierney*
1998 Edward J. Sears*
1999 David “DJ” O’Connor
2000 Delfo Barabani*
2001 Patricia C. Devine

2002 Patrick B. Bresnahan, III
2003 John (Jack) Leary, Jr.
2004 Roger P. Donoghue
2005 Kathleen M. Lynch
2006 Richard J. Dupuis
2007 Thomas G. Griffin
2008 Barry J. Farrell
2009 Russell J. McNiff, Jr.
2010 John T. O’Neill*
2011 Jane Coughlin Chevalier
2012 Mark O’Brien
2013 Barbara La Flamme
2014 Kenneth A. Collins
2015 John E. Henry
2016 Marc Joyce

* Denotes Deceased

George E. O’Connell Award

The George E. O’Connell Award recipient shall be a long-standing member of the Parade Committee who has made significant contributions to the fund-raising efforts of the Parade and/or this Association.

2017 George E. O’Connell Award Winner: Kimberly Izquierdo

Kimberly Izquierdo was born Kimberly Anne Danielle Perry to the parents of Kathleen (Hennessey) Perry and Marshal H. Perry. Her Irish ancestry is on her maternal side of the family having relatives from County Kerry. Her paternal side of the family is from Wales, MA. Kim has fond memories growing up in the “country” in Wales and visiting her father, Susie, Adam, and Josh every weekend and she still enjoys her visits there now with her husband and two children.

Kim is the extremely proud wife of Luiz A.  Izquierdo, a lieutenant with the Holyoke Fire Department. They have two beautiful children Wesley Perry (3) and Natalie Kara (1) and the family resides in West Holyoke. Wesley is an energetic and very sweet little boy, and Natalie is a doll known best for her large brown eyes.  They enjoy trips to the Niantic/Old Lyme areas of CT each summer as this is where Kim and Luiz were married.

Kim has lived in Holyoke her entire life and she grew up living in the Highlands. She is a 1996 graduate of Mater Dolorosa School and a 2000 graduate of Holyoke High School. Kim attended UMass Amherst where she earned a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology. Upon graduation she received the Chancellors Award for Outstanding Community Service for her 4 years of work with young people with severe disabilities at the former Northampton Nursing Home.  She earned her Masters of Education in School Counseling also from UMass Amherst in 2006, as well as a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in 2007.

Throughout high school, college, and graduate school Kim could be seen on most weekends and early mornings working at Langelier’s Bakery/Koffee Kup on Westfield Road in Holyoke. The bakery still holds a special place in her heart for being her first job and as a place where she met many great friends including co-workers, employers, and especially customers.

Kim knew since high school that she wanted to become a guidance counselor and she had only one school in mind where she wanted to work, Holyoke High School. When she gained a counseling position in the Guidance Department at HHS in 2006, she was beyond thrilled. She is currently in her 11th year serving the young men and women of the city of Holyoke in this role and she could not be happier.  Kim has been a class advisor, a graduation coach, a consultant for the GEAR UP college program, a Safe School Ambassador Family Group Facilitator, and an academic tutor with the HCC Upward Bound Program. She has served on many committees including but not limited to the Race to the Top Comprehensive Guidance Committee, The Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts Education Committee, The Drop Out Prevention Committee, The Superintendent Search Committee in 2013, the Holyoke Public Schools Restructuring Committee in 2012, and The Dean Admissions Policy Committee in 2012. She has also served as a member of the HHS School Improvement Council and the School Leadership team for many years. Kim is extremely proud of her profession as a guidance counselor and is a member of her local, state, and national professional organizations. She has enjoyed traveling to Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, and Boston to participate in professional school counseling conferences. In 2009 she was a nominee for the Massachusetts School Counselors Association Counselor of the Year Award.

Kim joined the Parade Committee in 2008 and has served on a number of committees such as the Colleen Pageant, The Program Book, the Pub Crawl, the Awards Reception, the Nominating Committee, and the New Member Committee. She is currently serving in her second year on the Board of Directors. Kim is most well-known on the committee for her work with the Parade Raffle. She has served as co-chair of this committee since 2009. She has also served on the Coronation Ball Committee for a number of years, and has been Co-Chair for the last three years.  On Parade Day Kim whole-heartedly enjoys serving as a band monitor for the Holyoke High School Band as she loves bringing these two very special pieces of her life together on her favorite day of the year.

Kim cherishes the friendships she has made while working on the Parade Committee. The O’Connell Award is particularly special to her seeing that her dear friend, the late Kara Shannahan received the same award in 2012. Kim is grateful to her childhood friend, Devin Sheehan for joining the committee with her.

Kim is very excited to spend Parade Day with her husband and children this year. She is also thrilled that her family will be marching with her down the Parade route. She’d like to dedicate her march to her deceased maternal grandparents Anne (Butterfield) and Patrick J. Hennessey, and to her late uncle “Cool hand Luke” William (Bill) Hennessey. Kim would like to thank her mother; Aunts Anne and Pat, and Cousins David, Tricia, and Russ; and family friend Janie for taking care of her children on Parade Day every year so that she can work the Road Race, direct traffic in the KMART lot on Parade Day, and work the Parade; and also so that Luiz can march with the Holyoke Fire Department in the Parade.  She truly appreciates their support of her.

Winning the O’Connell award means so much to Kim and she is incredibly grateful to have been considered among so many other hard-working and distinguishable committee members.

1963 James Landers*
1964 William G. Rogers*
1965 William F. Padden*
1966 Atty. Maurice J. Ferriter
1967 Gerald T. Bynan*
1968 Daniel J. McMahon*
1969 Bernard M. Lavelle
1970 Dr. Francis M. Baker*
1971 John K. Bowler*
1972 James R. Murphy*
1973 Dr. John J. Driscoll*
1974 Patrick B. Bresnahan, III
1975 Russell J. McNIff, Sr.

1976   Edward J. Sears*
1977   Roger P. Donoghue
1978   James F. Millane*
1979   Daniel E. Tierney*
1980   Paul L. Lunney
1981   George E. Griffin
1982   Philip F. Flanagan*
1983   Marc E. Joyce
1984   Thomas J. Shea*
1985   Daniel J. Reynolds*
1986   Robert J. Rohan*
1987   Raymond C. Burke
1988   David W. Griffin

1989   Joseph F. Griffin, III
1990   Ernest J. Ross, Jr.*
1991   John T. O’Neill
1992   Terence M. Bresnahan
1993   Michael O. Larkin
1994   Atty. John J. Ferriter
1995   Atty. Frederick L. Sullivan
1996   Jack O’Neill*
1997   David B. Donoghue
1998   Patricia McNiff
1999   Christine Mills Larkin
2000   Mark A. Pijar
2001   Joseph V. Gosselin, Jr.

2002 Michael F. Tierney
2003 Edward J. Cauley
2004 Fred King
2005 William E. Dinn
2006 Roger Reidy
2007 Kenneth A. Collins
2008 Stephen J. McGirr
2009 Kateri B. Walsh
2010 Marion F. Tierney
2011 Kathryn M. Dulchinos
2012 Kara Shanahan*
2013 James Leahy
2014 C. Frederick Glidden*
2015 Sheila M. Moreau
2016 Jim Wildman

* Denotes Deceased

Daniel J. Gallivan Award

The Daniel J. Gallivan Award recipient shall be a long-standing member of this Association who, while not a resident of the City of Holyoke, has made significant contributions to the overall success of the Parade and/or our Association. (Daniel Gallivan was from South Hadley and was a longtime member of the St Patrick’s Committee.)

2017 Daniel J. Gallivan Award Winner: Timothy Patrick Burns

Timothy Patrick Burns is the son of the late WIlliam H. and Eleanor V. Burns. Tim grew up in Holyoke’s Elmwood neighborhood and is one of nine children. An avid member of the Irish community, Tim’s father was one of the original founding members of the Parade Committee in 1952. Tim’s love of the parade has made him a long time member of the parade committee following in his father’s footsteps. Tim works on the Television Committee, Archives Committee, Bishops Committee, and is a St. Patrick’s Day Road Race Official. Being a parade committee member has always filled him with pride. Tim loves to be out in the street helping to organize the Parade. In addition to being a Parade Committee member, Tim is a member of the Knights of Columbus, Ancient Order of Hibernians, and Holyoke Elks. Tim has worked for the Holyoke Public School system for over 30 years, a job he loves in the city he loves. Today, he lives in Belchertown with his wife Anna and two sons, William and Andrew. Tim is extremely honored to receive the Daniel J. Gallivan Award and will proudly march in the 2017 Parade.

1972   Patrick H. Dowd
1973   Thomas J. Shea*
1974   William J. Conway*
1975   Thomas M. Kennedy, Jr.*
1976   Phillip L. Sullivan
1977   Francis J. Rice*
1978   Henry B. Carey*
1979   Delfo Barabani*
1980   Alan F. Cathro
1981   Peter H. Lappin
1982   Mark F. O’Brien

1983   James M. Curran*
1984   John F. Johnson*
1985   William J. Egan
1986   Gerald D. Healy
1987   Brian Q. Corridan
1988   Paul G. Caron*
1989   William J. Sullivan
1990   Donald R. Delano
1991   Jack O’Neill*
1992   Rev. Francis X. Sullivan
1993   Michael P. Flynn

1994   William F. Brutnell*
1995   Daniel C. Gallagher*
1996   Kenneth A. Collins
1997   Michael M. Gordon
1998   James A. McVey
1999   Jack O’Brien*
2000   Senator Michael R. Knapik
2001   James L. O’Connor
2002   Kathryn M. Dulchinos
2003 Michael O. Larkin
2004 Kathleen M. Krisak

2005   Brian F. Moriarty
2006   Peter J. Stewart
2007   Maurice J. Granfield, Jr.*
2008   Joyce Chretien
2009   Michael T. Ahearn
2010   Jacqueline L. Reardon
2011   Rita G. Moore
2012   Suzanne Poulin
2013   Mary Jane Mathers
2014   Karen Casey
2015   Peter T. Krisak
2016   Susan Doran

* Denotes Deceased

2017 Float Award Winners

Grand Prize

Dr. Elmer J. Harrington Memorial Award
Westfield Sons Of Erin Colleen – “Under The Irish Sea”

Best Colleen Float

Daniel E. Tierney Memorial Award
West Springfield Colleen – “Irish Field Of Dreams”

Irish Theme

First Prize
William C. Lunney Memorial Award
Agawam Colleen – “Cupán Tae”

Second Prize
John T. Sheehan Memorial Award
Springfield Lodge Of Elks #61 – “Irish Pub”

Third Prize
Shaun Ferriter Memorial Award
Springfield Colleen – “Ring Around The Fairy Tree”

Patriotic Theme

First Prize
William “Buck” Ford Memorial Award
South Hadley – “Remembering Those Of The USS Schroeder”

Open Theme

First Prize
John E. Dowd Memorial Award
Chicopee Colleen – “Chicopee River Queen”

Second Prize
John T. Sheehan Memorial Award
Holyoke Grand Colleen – “Holyoke, Our City”

Third Prize
Mary Sheehan Memorial Award
William J. Dean Technical High School

Religious Theme

First Prize
John K. Bowler Memorial Award
Northampton St. Patrick’s Association – “Bridge The Gap”

Second Prize
Lila Courtney Memorial Award
Ancient Order Of Hibernians – “Celtic Cross”

Third Prize
Jericho Bureau
Breaking Barriers, Paving Paths The Life’s Work Of Fr. Wagner

Honorable Mention

Leprechaun Plunge – “Plunge To The Parade”

A.O.H. – “Keeping Irish Culture Alive (Irish Dancers)”

Smith Vocational And Agricultural High School – “Spring Woodland”

2017 Music/Marching Award Winners

Most Outstanding Unit

(in memory of Joseph & Catherine Griffin)
Agawam High School

Best Marching Contingent

(Kinvara Literary Society award)
Springfield Central High School ROTC

Best Brass Band

(Gillis Insurance Agency presents)
Filharmonica Santo Antonio

Best String Band

(Mass Surgical Supply LLC presents)
Avalon String Band, Philadelphia

Best String Band Captain

(Peter & Kathleen Krisak present)
Fralinger String Band

Best Drum and Bugle Corps

(Gillis Insurance Agency presents)
Connecticut Hurricanes

Best Drum and Bugle Flag Corps

(Commonwealth Packaging award)
Bushwackers Drum and Bugle Corp

Best Pipe Band

(in memory of Patti Ahearn)
Holyoke Caledonians

Best High School Marching Band

(William H. Burns Award)
Narragansett High School

Best High School Marching Band Flag Corps

(Arthur J. Corey presents)
Narragansett High School

Best High School Majorette

(Goggins Real Estate presents)
Agawam High School

Best Band Major

(In memory of Fr. Sullivan)
South Hadley High School

Best Fife and Drum Band

(Reidy Heating & Cooling Presents)
Stony Creek Fife and Drum

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