For the past 60 years, young Irish ladies in Holyoke and South Hadley have vied for the title of Grand Colleen in the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

2016 Grand Colleen Meghan N. Ryan

Meghan N. Ryan lives in Holyoke, MA and is the daughter of Glen and Ann Ryan. She has five siblings, Lauren, Katelynn, Jordan, Nicholas, and Taryn. She is a graduate of Holyoke High School and is currently a junior at Bryant University. In high school, she was on the National Honor Society, Class Marshal and was on the School Newspaper. Meghan also volunteered at the Jericho Excelsior Program and worked as a Camp Councilor for several years. Currently, she is the Outreach Chair for the Community Activism and Leadership Organization (CALO) and has served in this role since 2013. In college, she is in the Honors Program, serves as Secretary of the Students Programming Board, and is a member of the Ways and Means Committee. She enjoys event planning, crafting and watching TV and movies. She plans to pursue a full time position at an insurance company and become an actuary or an analyst. She would like to use her analytical skills to analyze data and work to make health care more affordable.

Past Colleens

1955 Kathleen T. O’Sullivan
1956 Mary Monaghan
1957 Maureen Murphy
1958 Geraldine Lawler
1959 Anne Burke
1960 Sheila McCormick
1961 Susan V. Hobert*
1962 Francine Dillon
1963 Joan M. Riley
1964 Kathleen Kennedy*
1965 Mary Ellen McGinty
1966 Margaret Shevlin
1967 Janet Kelly
1968 Una Petcen
1969 Deborah Kennedy
1970 Kathleen E. Welsh
1971 Anne Marie O’Brien
1972 Nancy Rainville

1973 Sherry Lee McFadden
1974 Mary Ann Croke
1975 Martha M. Donohue
1976 Ann Marie Abel
1977 Patricia M. Dean
1978 Katherine M. Quirk
1979 Corinne Baker
1980 Patricia A. Long
1981 Ann P. Dean
1982 Patricia O’Connor
1983 Karen M. Barrett
1984 Alyssa V. Fitzpatrick
1985 Maureen Simonds
1986 Kerry Ann Moriarty
1987 Theresa M. Clark
1988 Ruth Ellen Allyn
1989 Anne Marie O’Connell
1990 Mary Deleva

1991 Christine T. Brill
1992 Candice McKenzie
1993 Heather Bresnahan
1994 Kara Elizabeth Shanahan*
1995 Marikate Moriarty
1996 Shaena A. Smalley
1997 Mary Kate Cartier
1998 Kimberly Lyn Willis
1999 Abby Gordon Woods
2000 Abbey Louise McLaughlin
2001 Elizabeth Ann Cartier
2002 Kathleen C. Joyce
2003 Mary Kate Moynihan
2004 Sheila Maureen Murphy
2005 Carolyn Patricia McLain
2006 Katy Beth Brunelle
2007 Kim Erin Elliott

2010 Rosalyn C. Chesky
2011 Meaghan Leahy
2012 Brianna M. Fitz
2013 Brieanna M. Gresh
2014 Sheila S. Fallon
2015 Allyson Craven
2016 Meghan N. Ryan

*Denotes Deceased

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